About UCP

University Compounding Pharmacy, California`s leading compounding pharmacy, is located in San Diego. Our experience over the years has made us the compounding pharmacy that physicians trust.
We compound a wide variety of medications including capsules, transdermal creams, lozenges, suppositories, suspensions, solutions, and facial creams using state of the art compounding equipment such as ointment mills, homogenizers, capsule makers and precision balances.
We are happy to announce our new location and new state of the art compounding pharmacy which allows us to make quality medications with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology.
Quality control meetings are regularly scheduled to ensure that everyone is aware of new concepts, regulations and procedures.
All of our compounding staff has many years of experience along with advanced training in the practice of compounding medications.
Their entire day is devoted to compounding prescription medication for unique medical conditions and patient needs.
Our friendly efficient customer service representatives will assist you and your patients in making sure your medications are filled, billed to your insurance company (when possible) and delivered to your home promptly.
We have a knowledgeable, certified nutritionist and dietician on staff to consult with you on the proper nutriceutical supplements to complement your compounded prescription therapy.
Our pharmacists are available for private consultation to discuss the medications that you take or for referrals to physicians that specialize in menopause, anti-aging, impotence, andropause, sun-damaged or problem skin, and pain.
Quality control is essential! The quality control pharmacist oversees all steps of compounding following strict policies and procedures.
Our compounding pharmacy is easily seen from the lobby and we invite you to stop by and see us in action. Remember all pharmacies can compound but few are true compounding pharmacies.