USU Vibrator/Stimulator

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Many of our patients ask us what vibrator is recommended by physicians to help women achieve results. We are pleased to offer the all new “USU Vibrator/Stimulator”.

Our new Vibrator/Stimulator is not only a matter of pleasure, it’s a wellness enhancer that is incomparable. It helps the body ease itself, which in turn has positive effects on our emotions and thoughts, and creates an overall sense of well-being. It also relieves pressure and loosens tense muscles, which increases blood flow to the cells. This may help improve function throughout the body including sensual areas.

There are many specific uses of the Vibrator/Stimulator. Some people use it to massage and help relieve back pain, while for others it is more about an overall sensation of well-being and pleasure. It is also used to help prevent injury and speed recovery, by easing inflammation and speeding cell repair. Others believe massage can help ease anxiety, improve sleep, alleviate headaches or even boost immunity.

No matter what your application is, the new USU Vibrator/Stimulator can deliver results that you want.

This is a trusted choice for an all-round personal Vibrator/Stimulator/massager that delivers pleasure and satisfaction, time and time again. Its power and durability has earned it rave reviews from users.

Price: $99.95