Adult Weight Loss and Disease Prevention

As we examine our future and the way we look and feel about ourselves, we ask “What can I do to lose weight, improve my health and live a more fulfilling life?” We are up against a fat-promoting environment, often with no tools or strategies to defend our waistline. The Nutritionists at UCP are experts in the field of long-term weight management and utilize three different programs to help you succeed.

We are excited to offer two systems that offer safe, great-tasting, science-based and easy-to-prepare meals for the person on the go. These affordable meal replacement programs offer quick results and you’ll start feeling great and looking good in a very short period of time.

For those who prefer a whole foods approach to weight loss, we feature the highly acclaimed Precision Nutrition System, a 12 week, customized program offering massive improvements in health, body composition and performance.

We keep in mind weight management is a life-long pursuit and we are here to help you with encouragement and accountability every step of the way.

We Offer Science-Based Weight Loss Programs that includes Meal Replacements Whole Food Weight Loss Programs Permanent Lifestyle Changes Total Body Analysis Monitor for Compliance and Accountability Active Lifestyle ADA Certified in Adult Weight Loss.

Please Contact: Kim Ruby, BS, CN (619) 238-9503.